Alan Goldhammer's SARS-CoV-2 Newsletter Archive and Other Resources

In 2010, I retired as Vice President for Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America (PhRMA). While at PhRMA I was a program manager for the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership that lives on today as the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics program (OHDSI). In March I decided to start a daily newsletter for fellow pharma industry retirees about scientific and clinical issues related to the SARS-CoV-2 (commonly referred to as COVID-19) pandemic. It was not designed to be a comprehensive survey of what was going on but rather a daily highlight of important findings. I am archiving the weekly aggregates of the newsletter on this web page as well as adding other content material. Any comments can be directed to me via email: Alan Goldhammer. If you wish to visit, THIS LINK will take you to my photography website.


I hope these materials are useful and of interest.


SARS-CoV-2 (AKA, COVID-19): It's here; we know what to do; and we are doing it!

Stay Safe, Mask Up, and Wash Hands

My mask and bow tie come from Lisa Eaton's fine Bow Tie Company.

Pandemic Clinical Trial Paradigm

I have written a working paper that describes a centralized clinical trial approach to testing new and repurposed drugs for SARS-CoV-2. Traditional clinical research models may not be nimble enough to address pressing health problems in a pandemic. I hope this furthers discussion of how to optimize research into disease prophylaxis and treatment for zoonotic viral outbreaks into non-immune populations. This document will be updated with new findings and references. Reader comments are welcome: CLINICAL TRIALS DURING A PANDEMIC

In order to help further the public health I am working on a COVID-19 Scent Strip that will assist in diagnosing whether one is suffering from virus-induced anosmia (loss of smell). A PROVISIONAL PATENT for this invention has been submitted.

Weekly Reports

SARS-CoV-2 Week One Reports SARS-CoV-2 Week Two Reports SARS-CoV-2 Week Three Reports
SARS-CoV-2 Week Four Reports SARS-CoV-2 Week Five Reports SARS-CoV-2 Week Six Reports
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SARS-CoV-2 Week Sixteen Reports

Pandemic Music Selections

I started doing my COVID-19 newsletter on March 23 and decided to add a daily music selection to help add some levity to what has been a serious situation. I have excerpted out these music selections into a SEPARATE FILE HERE so those who are seeking comfort through music may find solace. I hope you enjoy these eclectic selections. This file will be updated weekly with the new selections.

Pandemic Recipes

If you are in search of a good comfort food recipe try my Chocolate Chip Cookies, or my Peanut Butter Cookies!